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Tom is a creative and dedicated design professional with experience working in a deadline driven environment. Traditionally trained with excellent drawing skills and extensive knowledge of visual design theories. Organized and self-motivated with excellent observation, problem solving, and communication skills. Tom aspires to a career in 3D modeling.

Products and Technology Proficiency:

Extensive knowledge in Autodesk XSI Softimage, Maya, Mudbox, Sketchbook Pro; Pixel logic Zbrush; Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects; Microsoft Word, Outlook.

Industry Skills:

  • Conceptualize character and environment design based on required theme and style.
  • Analyze designs to maintain overall artistic consistency between assets.
  • Gather and prepare reference material used for modeling.
  • Organizing and canning assets for use in an environment set.
  • Creating high poly models using sculpting packages and generating normal maps.
  • Basic rigging and weighting of a character for posing and further sculpting.
  • Unwrapping assets with consistent texture density and good UV layouts.


2011 – 2012: British Columbia Institute of Technology, Burnaby. Certificate, Digital Animation.
2002 – 2006: Simon Fraser University, Surrey. Bachelor of Science, Interactive Arts and Technology.

Professional Experience:

2007 – 2011: 3D Security Management Systems Ltd.

  • Nov 2010 – May 2011: Product Design Manager at D3
  • Oct 2007 – Nov 2010: Specification writer/UI designer

2005: Simon Fraser University, The Faculty of Applied Sciences

  • Editorial Assistant (co-op)

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