Demo Reel

Airship Station

This is the end of program project for the BCIT Digital Animation program. All assets in this reel are modeled, unwrapped and textured in Autodesk XSI Softimage. Color textures are done using a combination of photo reference and hand-painted details using Adobe Photoshop. Shots are rendered into separate layers (Diff, Spec, AO, Depth) before going through the editing and compositing process in Adobe After Effects.

Here are a couple of rendered stills from selected shots. (Click to enlarge)
Rendered Stills 01Rendered Stills 02Rendered Stills 03Rendered Stills 04Rendered Stills 05


The Station Platform – The station walls are inspired by the St. Pancras Railway Station in London. The modular design allows me to quickly build varying wall pieces, as well as quickly building up my set.

The Airship – The base design of the airship is referenced from a game piece in the board game “Leviathans”. I added additional details like railings, ladders, bulwarks and all manners of hatches and chocks that one may find on a naval vessel. The main guns on the ship are referenced from a German Battleship in World War II.

Additional Props and Assets

Texture Samples

Repeating texture for the station platform floor. XSI weight maps are used to blend different col maps together.